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PRINT: Slay Bells Ring (SIGNED Paperback)

PRINT: Slay Bells Ring (SIGNED Paperback)

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A badass santa anthology from Bayonet Books. Featuring stories by J. R. Handley, Nicholas R. Garber, Ben Wolf, J. Clifton Slater, G Clatworthy, Robert E. Akers, Robert W. Ross, E.A. Shanniak, Reginald Lewis, Matthew Olaranont, A.M. Stevens, H.P. Holo, Michael J Allen, Fiona Grey, Nathan Pedde, Keith Hedger, Jonathan Watson, R Max Tillsley, and Steve Diamond

About this premium SIGNED PAPERBACK

Signed by H.P. Holo. Contact us at holowriting (at) for personalization requests.

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Ho ho... oh hell!

Is that sleigh bells ringing in your ears or a few rounds from an M60?

You wanted the jolly fat man to bring Yuletide joy, but the season has gifted you with a heart breaker and a life taker — Badass Santa.

Grab your eggnog and camouflage candy canes, strap on your bulletproof holiday stockings, and prepare for thrills and kills.

From blood-stained rebellion at the north pole to a black ops raid on a distant planet, these eighteen action-packed tales will show you Saint Nick as you've never seen him before.

It's all you'll want for Christmas.


"HOLY SMOKES! This book rocked my old person world! Who doesn't love a bada$$ Santa, weapons, aliens, all the monsters and more?! This anthology is a RIOT with humor, action, blood, gore and overall amazing authors." - Beta300RR, Amazon Reviewer

"Fascinating collection of holiday based stories. Not your typical holiday fare!" - Ann Keeran, Amazon Reviewer

"This book has a terrific assortment of stories catered to those of us that are burnt out on the traditional Christmas and Holiday stories." - David Birdsall, Amazon Reviewer


This product is a premium SIGNED PAPERBACK

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