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PRINT: Giant Freakin' Robots (SIGNED Paperback)

PRINT: Giant Freakin' Robots (SIGNED Paperback)

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A giant stompy robot anthology from Raconteur Press. Edited by James Young. Featuring stories by Craig A. Reed Jr, Edie Skye, TC Ross, KR Paul, Peter Delcroft, Spearman Burke, Seth Taylor, Daniel G. Zeidler, and Sarah Arnette.

About this premium SIGNED PAPERBACK

Signed by Edie Skye. Contact us at holowriting (at) for personalization requests.

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There's something extremely satisfying about watching giant robots fight each other. Throw in some anti-gravity magic, hordes of zombies, world-shattering consequences and you have everything that makes this book special.

Join 10 authors as they help provide the Robot Smash! everybody is looking for.




Review of “I’m in Love with a Helicopter: A Titan Mage Story” by Edie Skye from Tangent Online:

Out of all the stories in this anthology, this one best embodied the spirit of so many of the mecha-genre stories. Handsome scoundrel who meets his match in a beautiful and badass woman? Check. Intense and innovative combat between mechs? Right again. A clever mixture of giant robots and magical powers meshed with technology, tinkered to perfection by a mechanic who loves machines more than people? You got it. In fact, the only thing this story is missing is… a sequel. Seriously, let me know when it’s printed and I’m there. Orion is the Gravity Mage who is just graduating from the Titan Academy, and Jenny is the redheaded firebrand who damn near sends him to the dirt. She is pirating only because her brothers are being held hostage, and Orion is the perfect man to help her get them back. The pirates never stood a chance, and the story ends on a bright and cheeky note that made me smile. Well done, sincerely.


This product is a premium SIGNED PAPERBACK

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